Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March Madness is OVER!

By March madness I mean birthdays! There are wayyyy too many birthdays in March! I'm glad it's over because birthdays make me broke haha! I was going to make my mint oreo truffles but I never got around to making them since I got sick right when I got home from my trip to LA. However I did make another layered rainbow cake for Jenn's birthday. It came out messy because I ran out of time. For some reason the bread took forever to bake and the girls were already outside waiting in the car when I was only halfway done covering it with frosting!!

See how GREEN it is!

Happy Birthday Jenn!

I'm still so amused how this happens naturally inside the cake!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Starving Artist

I know I have a xanga and I've had that one since 2003. But I wanted to make a blog solely dedicated to posting my ameatuer or better yet, noobsauce paintings, sketches, photos, & etc. I'll continue to use xanga as my whining outlet about my mental and emotional life lol but here, there will be none of that...well nothing too serious! Actually-- basically everything I want to talk about or post that has involves no part of my personal emotional life haha. I'll focus on art of course, traveling, politics here and there, movies, tv, books, etc....

Something along those lines... I'm not a good introduction/about me section describer type of person if you know what I mean? Haha.