Monday, August 31, 2009

Vancouver, BC

Capstone Tea on Robson Street in Vancouver, BC is the cutest little place ever. They sell bubble tea, teas, coffees and of course fondue! Second time going back for me and Zena, except this time they had ice cream balls! Woohoo! It was somewhat of a spontaneous trips again, actually it seems all of my trips I've blogged about on this blog are spontaneous haha. I think that's just how I roll. What's next? Out of the country I hope? Europe? I was telling my brother this but I think everyone living on this planet needs to take a backpacking trip across Europe in their lifetime-- preferably alone or maybe with like one companion. Do some SEOUL searching lol.
But anyways, Robson Street is like... a mini Hong Kong? Lots of With the setting of a calmer NY, since it seemed like no one really went to sleep there either! It's super clean, and there were like no creepy bums I swear. I think we only saw one bum but he wasn't even that creepy lol. Endless stores of shopping from name brands to cheap accessory stores...millions of cafes, bars, and CREPE places! Yummm I want some crepes ahh!! I had a nutella + fresh strawberries + vanilla ice cream crepe. It was delish! I don't know why I have so many food pictures haha and like none of the city ><. Anyways-- I had a sex on the beach, killer kool-aid, and some B2 coffee liqueur thing. Oh alcohol lol. Anyways I turn 21 in ... 9 days! Yipeee.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Seaside, Oregon...the cutest little place in the PNW

I've been to this place multiple of times since I live in Washington, there isn't a lot of exciting nearby places to go except Ocean Shores, Seaside...and... yea. Lol. One night trip with the fam. It was actually a pleasant trip. Nothing crazy exciting happened but nothing bad happened. I think we really needed it. Anyhow~ We got there without making any reservations at a hotel, my dad's style lol. Everywhere was booked but we found this place called Seashore Inn. Right next to the Shiloh Inn, which was all booked. It was about $150 cheaper than Best Western which wasn't even on the water. Our Seashore inn was RIGHT on the beach I absolutely loved it. The walls were ugly, the bathroom was small, the pool room was in a different building, but it was that much cheaper but right on the water. Plus all you really do is sleep in the hotel room for a couple of hours, right?! Anyhoo, so we got our room and explored Seaside, which I must say is the cutest little vacation town ever! We went to the Aquarium there, which was kinda gay but whatever it was cheap. Ate a $5.00 elephant ear which probably cost them a bout $0.10 to make lol. For dinner we went to a place called Bigfoot Steakhouse, we had to drive because it was a couple of miles away, but the prime rib there was deliciosa!! After dinner we all changed into our swimsuits and went swimming for a bit.

To end the night we went back on the sand and had a bonfire... yes we arI think I really am a beach person though. I can't imagine not living by a coast... I think I'd feel really dap dap hae. The sand there was SUPER soft it felt so good. And it wasn't even freezing out there, and the fire made it exceptionally perfect. My parents are so cute haha. My brother brought his guitar so him and my dad were switching off haha. It is so true though, nothing beats family. Your blood. I miss going on vacations like this. I wish I was more grateful when I was younger...we used to go on so many trips. I love being in good company <3.

And p.s Seaside beach is MUCH better than Canon Beach. Canon beach is the one with the huge rock. It's gorgeous but too windy. That's why they need those shield thingy's like you see in this picture! =)

Anyhoo~ it was a fun, relaxed trip. We stopped by the outlet mall on the way home, bought 3 Northface jackets for $150 (amazing), ate at a random sushi place called Izakaya Sushi which had really nice Korean owners haha. Check it out-- if you are ever in Beaverton, Oregon! Ciao!

Friday, August 14, 2009

MLIA -- Summer 2009 so far...

MLIA= My life is average. Lol. Anyways...I'm horrible at keeping two's just too difficult! Lol. Well here is a summary recap of my summer so far through pictures!

1. Drove down to downtown Portland, OR with Jane & Jenn to buy our MacBooks...however I returned mine the next day. But Jane is undoubtedly enjoying hers so it wasn't a waste of a trip =)!

2. Camping at Wenberg State park up north... not the most pleasant experience... bad weather + rain + tensioned up people + inexperienced campers = epic fail. Haha no more camping for me.

3. Point Defiance Zoo, Tacoma. There wasn't a lot of animals.... =( but this polar bear was extremely cute! And right outside the zoo, there is this pretty park... it looked like we were in Thailand or something. So pretty!

4. The sky has been ridiculously pretty here though... these were taken on differnt days.

5. Seattle skyline & Gasworks Park, Seattle. The city skyline is actually pretty breathtaking!

6. I know I said MLIA but I guess I must admit--- It's a rather awesome average life haha. I thankfully got the honor of meeting my one and only favorite idol, Park Jaebum... I hate to say this and sound like a 6 year old but it was a dream come true. HAHAHA. How many obsessed crazy fan girls get this kind of chance? Thank you God!! It was truly a blessing, I never get lucky with stuff like this :) This was probably the highlight of my summer as sad as that may sound lol.

I don't want summer to endddd!

All photos taken by me, Doris Jeong.