Monday, August 31, 2009

Vancouver, BC

Capstone Tea on Robson Street in Vancouver, BC is the cutest little place ever. They sell bubble tea, teas, coffees and of course fondue! Second time going back for me and Zena, except this time they had ice cream balls! Woohoo! It was somewhat of a spontaneous trips again, actually it seems all of my trips I've blogged about on this blog are spontaneous haha. I think that's just how I roll. What's next? Out of the country I hope? Europe? I was telling my brother this but I think everyone living on this planet needs to take a backpacking trip across Europe in their lifetime-- preferably alone or maybe with like one companion. Do some SEOUL searching lol.
But anyways, Robson Street is like... a mini Hong Kong? Lots of With the setting of a calmer NY, since it seemed like no one really went to sleep there either! It's super clean, and there were like no creepy bums I swear. I think we only saw one bum but he wasn't even that creepy lol. Endless stores of shopping from name brands to cheap accessory stores...millions of cafes, bars, and CREPE places! Yummm I want some crepes ahh!! I had a nutella + fresh strawberries + vanilla ice cream crepe. It was delish! I don't know why I have so many food pictures haha and like none of the city ><. Anyways-- I had a sex on the beach, killer kool-aid, and some B2 coffee liqueur thing. Oh alcohol lol. Anyways I turn 21 in ... 9 days! Yipeee.

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