Sunday, January 23, 2011

I hate orange!

One of my biggest pet peeves, well, I'm sure for all photographer's, is orange-ness in a photo. If you don't have the world's best camera, you can't always have that color and white balance you want. While in person and to your eyes, the room does not seem this orange/yellow, you look at your screenshot and think wtf? Why is it so damn orange?! While the manual settings on my dslr allows me to adjust the white balance and lighting, sometimes I just can't use manuel because 1. I'm not 100% steady and 2. I don't own a tripod (yet) to keep the camera still.

So thank god for photoshop!

As you can see in this photo I took of my friend Jang, the original, unedited photo on the left has an orange, warm tone. Which I hate!! I merely adjusted some color/light/hue settings and walah! The much more balanced, cool tone on the right!