Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Epik High - Map the Soul [the concert]

I'm still in daze at everything that happened this weekend. Technically, this was my 2nd concert but I consider my first 'real' concert because Britney Spears's was assigned seating. Epik High Map the Soul World tour Seattle was on Saturday May 23rd, 2009 @ King Cat Theatre in downtown Seattle 7pm. Jane, Karen, Ludia & Lois went there @ 2 30... It was quite an experience I will never ever forget lol. The line as ridiculous it grew sideways because people cut (including us lol) instead of longways, I almost died in the crowd because people shoved like crazy as in I had no breathing space and if a spectator from outside the group/mosh/line saw, I wouldn't be seen... For the first couple of seconds I just handled it and sucked up even though I'm completely claustrophobic I couldn't see anyone but peoples butts & stomachs but my friends were protecting me in a circle--but finally even they couldn't overpower the shove and push. I got smushed and trampled on by I don't know how many pounds of people. I really thought in my head I'm going to die, if not this is gonna end bad I'm gonna end up in a hospital tonight why did I come? It was actually not funny at all but rather a traumatizing experience but sadly I am an idiot fan girl and I still think it was worth it hahaha. Yea I don'tknow why I'm laughing about it cuz it REALLY wasn't funny. I had to get piggy backed from Jane until the pushing stopped or I would have died, and yet people still didn't stop... craziness I'm telling you!! What would I have done without you, Jane?! Ahhh <3. style="text-align: left;">

Kero One opened up the night..he has a nice voice but he performed wayy too many songs.

Then Far East Movement...Honestly I am not a fan... they sucked. It just sounded like crapp. Just sounds colliding with eachother really loud & callin it "music". But I liked their spaceman outfits haha.

Finally Epik High!! From left to right: Mithra Jin, MYK, the beatboxin dude, & Tablo.

DJ hubby hard @ work! (these 2 pics stolen from my friend!)

MYK is a sexy beast............I love his voice in Mapthesoul Worldwide version!

The End =(

It was a good show! I'll add video clips later and more updates about fan signing later~!

Friday, May 8, 2009

New York

I've seen this bridge a countless amount of times on TV, movies,'s the Brooklyn Bridge in New York! I've never been on this bridge but I want to!! I went to NY with my family about 3 years ago. And many people don't know this, but I've also lived there! I lived in Flushing, Queens! But it was apparently for only about a year when I was about 2 or 3 years old. The trip with my family back in 2006 was great because it was technically the first time for me since I don't remember living there at age 3. However, we really went to take care of business, which was my brothers auditions for his now-un-existing acting career. It was fun though while we were there. I saw Donny from Even Stevens and Josh Duhamel! Donny was literally ehh one feet away from me yet I didn't feel a pulling to take a picture with him because I don't consider him too famous haha. Anyways so I'm excited to be going back... for my own self, my own time not for my brothers business or anything else. We were so busy with his stuff we didn't even go see the Statue of Liberty on Ellis Island! What kind of bull is that?? Hahaha. I need to buy my plane ticket soon, maybe by Sunday or end of this month at least before the prices go up... I'll be there for 7 ecstatic days and finally get to see Journee and Diane! We are going to shop up the city, sightsee, take beautiful photos, go clubbing, drink pretty drinks (that is if Journee can successfully get me my fakey hehe), and basically have the time of our lives! I'm excited. I will come back broke but it's ok~ Traveling, seeing the world, living it up is worth it. I also will need a job though haha...I applied for a couple... but theres one I specifically want. Assistant photographer-- no professional credentials needed but if I get it, he's going to train me how EXCITING! I hope I get it!!!! I'm awake this early btw because I had to register for classes for the fall quarter! For now I am in Art History 201, U.S Congress, and Comparative Courts. Ta-ta for now!

Monday, May 4, 2009

gladiator sandals

When I used to watch We Got Married (우리 결혼했어요), I always noticed the different shoes Seo In Young wore because I liked her style (for the most part). I noticed she wore these black gladiator heels all the time, well in a lot of the episodes and scenes-- I concluded they were her favorite pair. So I tried finding a picture of her wearing them but I couldn't find it. They were black, and very strappy, and it just looked almost kind of scary? for a shoe lol. But nonetheless I liked it. I wish I could find a picture of her exact ones but I can't.

These are Jimmy Choo's watersnake 'Glenys' platform sandals. Seo In Youngs didn't have the zipper up front and they actually looked very different than this but I just wanted to post a picture of a gladiator sandal and I thought these were relatively cute. I have a thing for zippers haha.

And then! I found a pic of her actually wearing some different ones--not the ones I was originally trying to find. But these are tan, and the straps are much less, and thicker but they have a zipper too!

She is so cute I love her!

...So I bought these. Tell me they aren't cute?! They're like minime gladiator heels haha awwww. I had to get me some...& these are probably the closest to gladior SIY style I can get. $28 total shippin and everything. Kind of a lot but I had to get them they were too cute.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mint Oreo Truffles

So these pictures are long overdue...I made these truffles about a month ago but I've just been so lazy in uploading and finally posting them here on my blog! When I discovered Bakerella I looked through her blog for like a good 2 hours just going pages and pages back and looking at her delicious creations... She amazes me. None of my baking excursions come out as neat and perfect like hers..ever haha. Oh well. So I made her Oreo Mint Truffles...and they actually came out alright, for a first timer.

Yea I know they look like poo here and not too appetizing but it's the camera quality I promise!

Looks good inside right?? haha

My attempt to make a kiss shaped one!

I then decided to be super cute and put them all in this valentines chocolate box we had laying around!

They taste much better than they look!