Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Epik High - Map the Soul [the concert]

I'm still in daze at everything that happened this weekend. Technically, this was my 2nd concert but I consider my first 'real' concert because Britney Spears's was assigned seating. Epik High Map the Soul World tour Seattle was on Saturday May 23rd, 2009 @ King Cat Theatre in downtown Seattle 7pm. Jane, Karen, Ludia & Lois went there @ 2 30... It was quite an experience I will never ever forget lol. The line as ridiculous it grew sideways because people cut (including us lol) instead of longways, I almost died in the crowd because people shoved like crazy as in I had no breathing space and if a spectator from outside the group/mosh/line saw, I wouldn't be seen... For the first couple of seconds I just handled it and sucked up even though I'm completely claustrophobic I couldn't see anyone but peoples butts & stomachs but my friends were protecting me in a circle--but finally even they couldn't overpower the shove and push. I got smushed and trampled on by I don't know how many pounds of people. I really thought in my head I'm going to die, if not this is gonna end bad I'm gonna end up in a hospital tonight why did I come? It was actually not funny at all but rather a traumatizing experience but sadly I am an idiot fan girl and I still think it was worth it hahaha. Yea I don'tknow why I'm laughing about it cuz it REALLY wasn't funny. I had to get piggy backed from Jane until the pushing stopped or I would have died, and yet people still didn't stop... craziness I'm telling you!! What would I have done without you, Jane?! Ahhh <3. style="text-align: left;">

Kero One opened up the night..he has a nice voice but he performed wayy too many songs.

Then Far East Movement...Honestly I am not a fan... they sucked. It just sounded like crapp. Just sounds colliding with eachother really loud & callin it "music". But I liked their spaceman outfits haha.

Finally Epik High!! From left to right: Mithra Jin, MYK, the beatboxin dude, & Tablo.

DJ hubby hard @ work! (these 2 pics stolen from my friend!)

MYK is a sexy beast............I love his voice in Mapthesoul Worldwide version!

The End =(

It was a good show! I'll add video clips later and more updates about fan signing later~!

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