Friday, May 8, 2009

New York

I've seen this bridge a countless amount of times on TV, movies,'s the Brooklyn Bridge in New York! I've never been on this bridge but I want to!! I went to NY with my family about 3 years ago. And many people don't know this, but I've also lived there! I lived in Flushing, Queens! But it was apparently for only about a year when I was about 2 or 3 years old. The trip with my family back in 2006 was great because it was technically the first time for me since I don't remember living there at age 3. However, we really went to take care of business, which was my brothers auditions for his now-un-existing acting career. It was fun though while we were there. I saw Donny from Even Stevens and Josh Duhamel! Donny was literally ehh one feet away from me yet I didn't feel a pulling to take a picture with him because I don't consider him too famous haha. Anyways so I'm excited to be going back... for my own self, my own time not for my brothers business or anything else. We were so busy with his stuff we didn't even go see the Statue of Liberty on Ellis Island! What kind of bull is that?? Hahaha. I need to buy my plane ticket soon, maybe by Sunday or end of this month at least before the prices go up... I'll be there for 7 ecstatic days and finally get to see Journee and Diane! We are going to shop up the city, sightsee, take beautiful photos, go clubbing, drink pretty drinks (that is if Journee can successfully get me my fakey hehe), and basically have the time of our lives! I'm excited. I will come back broke but it's ok~ Traveling, seeing the world, living it up is worth it. I also will need a job though haha...I applied for a couple... but theres one I specifically want. Assistant photographer-- no professional credentials needed but if I get it, he's going to train me how EXCITING! I hope I get it!!!! I'm awake this early btw because I had to register for classes for the fall quarter! For now I am in Art History 201, U.S Congress, and Comparative Courts. Ta-ta for now!

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