Monday, May 4, 2009

gladiator sandals

When I used to watch We Got Married (우리 결혼했어요), I always noticed the different shoes Seo In Young wore because I liked her style (for the most part). I noticed she wore these black gladiator heels all the time, well in a lot of the episodes and scenes-- I concluded they were her favorite pair. So I tried finding a picture of her wearing them but I couldn't find it. They were black, and very strappy, and it just looked almost kind of scary? for a shoe lol. But nonetheless I liked it. I wish I could find a picture of her exact ones but I can't.

These are Jimmy Choo's watersnake 'Glenys' platform sandals. Seo In Youngs didn't have the zipper up front and they actually looked very different than this but I just wanted to post a picture of a gladiator sandal and I thought these were relatively cute. I have a thing for zippers haha.

And then! I found a pic of her actually wearing some different ones--not the ones I was originally trying to find. But these are tan, and the straps are much less, and thicker but they have a zipper too!

She is so cute I love her!

...So I bought these. Tell me they aren't cute?! They're like minime gladiator heels haha awwww. I had to get me some...& these are probably the closest to gladior SIY style I can get. $28 total shippin and everything. Kind of a lot but I had to get them they were too cute.

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