Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mint Oreo Truffles

So these pictures are long overdue...I made these truffles about a month ago but I've just been so lazy in uploading and finally posting them here on my blog! When I discovered Bakerella I looked through her blog for like a good 2 hours just going pages and pages back and looking at her delicious creations... She amazes me. None of my baking excursions come out as neat and perfect like hers..ever haha. Oh well. So I made her Oreo Mint Truffles...and they actually came out alright, for a first timer.

Yea I know they look like poo here and not too appetizing but it's the camera quality I promise!

Looks good inside right?? haha

My attempt to make a kiss shaped one!

I then decided to be super cute and put them all in this valentines chocolate box we had laying around!

They taste much better than they look!

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  1. OMG> are you effing kidding me right now? i can't believe you said your blog is BORING. HECK no.... i love reading this stuff! im hungry now. look what you did.