Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I love my political econ class, it's opening my eyes (like my Korean Politics class) and making my mind think in ways I have never even imagined I could. Cost-benefit cost-benefit cost-benefit ...and on and on... It is so drilled in my head right now. Well, that's probably largely due to the fact that I just crammed 3 weeks worth of studying into two nights haha I am screwd in 5.5 hours! Oh well this is what I get for procrastinating right?! But this subject is so interesting I just want to keep reading. My professor probably has picked out the best selection of books for a course out of all the classes I've had so far in my two years at college. No textbook but six different books. Like real books/novels that you can find at Barnes, ones that people would read for their enjoyment. I absolutely think this book, Trade Offs by Harold Winter is so clever. EVERYONE should read it whether you like economics or not. He writes it almost dummy-friendly so that someone like me who didn't even know what economics even meant before this quarter, understands.

These are some of the issues he addresses (they are mostly social issues which is why it's such an entertaining book) I just picked random ones but there are alot more other interesting ones.
  • Smoking is actually beneficial to both the smoker and society more than we think. The benefits are understated while the costs or in other words the risk/health factor are overstated. Some people smoke too little! (WTF right?)
  • Organ conscription or a market for organs would perhaps be very cost-beneficial in stimulating our economy just as much as it could save a life... (Let's go organ digging at the cemetary right now and make it an efficient crime puhaha.)
  • We all actually set a dollar value amount for lives even though we (well you who hasn't read it yet) don't want to believe it.
  • America has one of the highest pharmaceutical drug prices, (obviously this directly affects people like me with no insurance lmao) but while we may be unhappy with high drug prices, they may be the only thing spurring on and giving physicians in new drug research.
  • There is a benefit to society if people die young.
These sound pretty disgusting and immoral right? I know Iknow, I think so too. Thus you must read the book! Aren't these points enticing you to go read this? Haha. But yes basically he's saying everything is a trade off...this vs. that. What do you value more in situation X or Y?

Anyways, I am beginning a project here on my blog for many reasons. One, to continue practicing and exercising my writing skills since I am not in an English class right now. Two, to expand my vocabulary. Three, for my own personal study mechanism. And four, to share all my academic knowledge I learned from my classes, research, books to my friends because I find all my three classes this quarter to actually be relevant in our real lives and just because I'm learning so many cool and interesting facts haha.

Ok the project is simple actually haha. One vocabulary word/term that I never knew, every other post! But it must be relative to what I am learning in my one of my classes. =)

Moral nihilism: Also known as ethical nihilism, is the meta-ethical view that morality does not exist; therefore no action is preferable to any other. For example, a moral nihilist would say that killing someone, for whatever reason, is not inherently right or wrong. (Wikipedia)

I chose this word, nihilism, because like I said the author covers very sticky/controversial issues and makes some daring and I say DARING statements! All of which he concocted up because he was able to set aside ideology, ethics, and morals to see the cost-benefit gains of social issues such as smoking. But nihilism is a broad word with many meanings for instance I think it can also be synonymous for anarchy but instead of being associated with law and government nihilism is like a moral/philosophical version of anarchy lol. I am so confusing. I'm sorry. I like words.

I enjoy being a nerd.

Anyhow. Tonight is going to be my last all night-er. I am never doing this again too unhealthy!


  1. I've only ever pulled TWO all-nighters in my college days - decided that I just wasn't cut out for that kind of studying, and that it just wasn't worth it!!
    What an interesting post though ... you're right, I really want to know what else that book has to say! Won't show the smoking point to my hubbs though ... he's trying to quit, so reading that won't do him (or me!) any good!

  2. Thanks for dropping by my blog! :)