Monday, April 13, 2009


The current temperature here in Seattle is 36 degrees F, "freezing rain" is the description. I miss my spring break in LA. It is so ridiculously bright and sunny there even if the temperature isn't that high. I love love love the temp when it's late at night but you can still be in shorts and a thin cardigan and not be shivering cold but just a nice cool fresh feeling. Here are some pictures from the trip.

My friends are so stylish!

I love palm trees! I wish Washington had some lol.

All you can eat Korean BBQ. We were there while the Korea v. Japan game was goin on and it was like a crazy jungle in there with lots of Koreans yelling lol.

A pretty park/lake we randomly stopped by...I forget what it was called.


Disneyland fireworks were soo pretty!

Santa Monica 3rd street promenade.

I love LA I'm going to move there later.

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