Friday, August 14, 2009

MLIA -- Summer 2009 so far...

MLIA= My life is average. Lol. Anyways...I'm horrible at keeping two's just too difficult! Lol. Well here is a summary recap of my summer so far through pictures!

1. Drove down to downtown Portland, OR with Jane & Jenn to buy our MacBooks...however I returned mine the next day. But Jane is undoubtedly enjoying hers so it wasn't a waste of a trip =)!

2. Camping at Wenberg State park up north... not the most pleasant experience... bad weather + rain + tensioned up people + inexperienced campers = epic fail. Haha no more camping for me.

3. Point Defiance Zoo, Tacoma. There wasn't a lot of animals.... =( but this polar bear was extremely cute! And right outside the zoo, there is this pretty park... it looked like we were in Thailand or something. So pretty!

4. The sky has been ridiculously pretty here though... these were taken on differnt days.

5. Seattle skyline & Gasworks Park, Seattle. The city skyline is actually pretty breathtaking!

6. I know I said MLIA but I guess I must admit--- It's a rather awesome average life haha. I thankfully got the honor of meeting my one and only favorite idol, Park Jaebum... I hate to say this and sound like a 6 year old but it was a dream come true. HAHAHA. How many obsessed crazy fan girls get this kind of chance? Thank you God!! It was truly a blessing, I never get lucky with stuff like this :) This was probably the highlight of my summer as sad as that may sound lol.

I don't want summer to endddd!

All photos taken by me, Doris Jeong.

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