Wednesday, October 21, 2009

the Coutryside of Washington State-- Yakima

I consider this my last trip of the 2009 summer...sad to say I am now back in school with the life of dreaded mornings, coffee, textbooks, exams, papers, hw, etc--yueeeeck! Anyways, my parents decided they wanted to go to Yakima just because, well to get some fruit I guess and for a quick last road trip (for me, Aaron was already in school haha). Monica's family went too (excluding Jessica since she had school too haha), thus we were off to an exciting SCENIC adventure! Haha, this was also when I had my weird back pain phase so it was hard to enjoy the trip in the car pretending like I wasn't in pain to my parents but nonetheless it was a nice finish to my summer. For some reason I really, really like the countryside lol. I don't know why but it just makes me really calm or feel like I'm at peace with my life hahaha. I dunno maybe I just like scenery and calm landscapes? We stopped by a couple of stops for the view because we took highway...I forget but it's the one that goes through the mountains. I must say I LOVE Washington's simply....clean. and so CRISP!

Anyways here are couple of photos I took!

This song makes me want to sing "take me the place that I belong..West Virginia...mountain momma..." hahaha my dad likes that song.

Beautiful. I call it... Looks Like Tuscany. Lol. No really though. This picture doesn't even do it justice. Monica and I were so breath taken by the scenery, it was really, really pretty. (P.S you can see the moon!)

These next ones are raw images.

This is the home of the people who sold us apples.

The apples we bought!

Oh my gosh I'm not even kidding I so wished I had a dslr when I was taking these...the sun setting was SO pretty.. no joke. It was purple and then we'd drive a bit more and then it'd be BLUE...and ahh it was pretty...and these are blurry cuz I was in a moving car and the window is not opened when I took these sunset pictures!

I complain about Washington a lot but it really is a pretty state...very GREEN...which I LOVE!

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  1. Doris, I really love that second image! Great work!