Tuesday, October 27, 2009

kpop bonanza

1. 2pm my #1 lovers. i miss them!!
2. big bang i'll always love them. big bang songs = jjang!
3. DBSK they seem at a different level of maturity...sexier & manlier..lol
4. wondergirls they're so cute and seem genuinely chah-kae. best songs.
5. brown eyed girls i personally don't consider them an 'idol' group... they're all actually really talented artists. not just alright like the rest of the idol girl groups.
6. 2ne1 anticipated them for too long. <3>
7. 4minute i can't believe i like them. well i like jiyoon and i think hyunah is so effing adorable i wanna squeeze her! plus i like their songs

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